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StarbearerTMís Sphere of DBZ: Vegeta Bulma Fanfictions

All stories listed below are written be me, StarbearerTM aka Trynia Merin. Note that clicking on the title of each story automatically directs you to the storyís page on mediaminer. Links to the on site version are listed below with the link.

Disclaimer: Dragon Ball Z was created by Akira Toriyama and is licensed owned by Shonen Jump/Toei Animation Co. Ltd. The characters except for any

fancharacters do not belong to me and mean no harm to the series.


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ATOH.bmpBulma and Vegeta: Cannon stories shorter then 20 chapters

A Taste of Heat (ATOH)

My first cannon VxB 3 yr gettogether. When Vegeta's training is interrupted by Bulma's attempts to become Vice President of Capsule both have mutual needs they satisfy. Can they take their 'passion kind of thing' and have a decent relationship for the sake of Trunks? Rated Mfor mature lemon scenes and cursing. COMPLETE

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Authorís comments: Many V/B fans like a good straight get together that focuses more on them just living a semi normal life at Capsule during the infamous 3 years before the Androids. This story is my attempt at a traditional Bulma/Vegeta angsty sitcom romance with all the love/hate fans come to enjoy out of such a story. I'm not sending them into space or into an alternate timeline. Instead this is a semi/canonical where I attempt to keep Vegeta in character, and there is the inevitable Yamucha bashing. However Iíve been told by some reviewers this is OOC in some places. Itís fluffy PWP.


CITA___For_StarbearerTM_by_DBZfanatics.jpgText Box: Picture below Drawn by DBZfanatic

Chinks in the Armor (CITA)

Most recent Vegeta/Bulma get together, trying to stay close to cannon.Vegeta prizes the armor he wore that was damaged on Namek. But when it goes missing, why does he bother Bulma? Does he think that she's looking for the holes in his armor as he tries to find the chinks in hers? Rated M for mature lemon scenes. Complete!

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COLDCOMFORT1.jpgCold Comfort for Bulma (CCFB) Updated

Second VxB get together, attempting to stay cannon. VxB YxOC To spice up his flagging romance with Bulma, Yamcha invites some friends for a party which Vegeta crashes when he tries to understand the human phenomenon of 'partying'. But one of the guests is trying to hurt Bulma. Vegeta must protect her! M for lemon content and cursing. COMPLETE

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Large Epics

AU 1 My First VegetaxBulma get together: 30 chapters

Practice_Lost_and_Found_cover_by_StarbearerTM.jpgRoyal Line Blues: Lost and Found

Vegeta wants to recover artifacts from his lost planet that could help him fight the Androids, but needs Bulma's help.Can they undertake it without killing one another?Bulmaís friends canít let them go off without interfering? Find out about the one civilization Vegeta's team of Saiyans DIDN'T purge for Freiza, and WHY! Rated T and M as marked. COMPLETE!

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Authorís comments: This was an idea I had back in 2001, but didnít write down into a story because I felt frightened of the huge amount of TERRIFIC VxB fics I discovered.All the Ďgreatsí were writing, and I didnít want to deliberately copy them. At the time I was writing large amounts of KISS and Gargoyles fanfiction, and felt the need to finish those first.Then 2004 and 2005 came along, and I moved into the DBZ fandom and gave it a whirl. On this was slated to be a long story lasting only 24 chapters, but because of reader demand I stretched to to fifty 0ne.But the story really can end at chapter 30. At mediaminer and on the site itís in its original 30 chapter form. But on it still remains 2 stories in one, unfinished.

AU 2 Includes major Vegeta/Bulma and Goku/Chichi.Some Yamcha/Bulma and Raditz/OC as well.

Raditz_Goku_fanmanga_banner_by_StarbearerTM.jpgSecond Chances for Raditz and Goku

AU Piccolo Jr. Saga. Raditz and Goku join forces to rescue Raditz mate and Bulma from Piccolo before 23rd Budokai. Why's Raditz here early? Sequel to Payment in Full. Ctd in Vegeta's Celestial Gambit. RxOC VxBRated T for mild violence and implied lime.Currently being Beta Read

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Carried_away_2_by_StarbearerTM.jpgVegetaís Celestial Gambit (sequel to Second Chances)

An AU VxB get together. AU VB gettogether Vegeta and Nappa came to earth earlier in search of Raditz, but he's allied with Goku and the Z warriors! Can Vegeta's new partner Bulma help him reclaim the throne from Brolly, or will their plan be discovered? Seq. to 2nd Chances.Rated T for mild violence and implied content.In process

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Authorís comments: My version of the Ďwhat if Bulma and Vegeta met each other much earlierí story.To understand more of this, you should read the prequel story Second Chances for Raditz and Goku.


AU 3 Minor AU Twist VxB get together: a 70 plus chapter epic!

RNB_fanmanga_cover_sorta_by_StarbearerTM.jpgRoyal Namekian Blues (RNB)

AU Future Trunks appears but Goku hasn't returned in time so he has to find someone ELSE to tell his secret. Bulma and Vegeta raise Baby Trunks with help from Napa and Raditz.

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Authorís comments: I've seen many B/V get together what ifs taking place on Namek. This is another one, which messes with the sequence of the Z fighters and Vegeta on Namek, where Bulma is left alone. She has the nightmare about Vegeta, but because this is an AU, the timing is different. They have fought the Ginyuu force briefly, but have managed to push them back, and Vegeta has just killed Dudoria and Zarbon. Gohan and Krillen are trying to gather the dragon balls, and so is Vegeta. This takes place in the time they're eluding the squad and waiting for Goku to arrive before Freiza.

RNB Side Stories

Read the side stories that take place in the RNB universe, which would have made the story too long otherwise.


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