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Legends of the Four

updated 01/23/07!

Updated! Click here for a new fanfiction project KISS the Elder: the Movie Fanfiction by Dunes which tells the story of the movie that was never made!!!

Non KISS archive: If you enjoy superheroes like KISS, you might enjoy my Dragon Ball Z page

Click here for Christine Criss' fanfiction project KISS the Interrim Years: What happened between the Marvel and Darkhorse series?

Click here for the The Way We Were: What happened BEFORE and just after the Marvel comic special? This is the prequel to Christine Criss' fanfiction project.

New chapters to KISS Next Generation posted. Stay tuned for more soon!

Join Gene, Peter, Paul, and Ace in the strange realms of fanfiction, where the limits are only your own imagination . I don't own KISS, and they are actual persons. None of the stories here are meant to harm or degrade them, and in fact show a fan's appreciation for four unique individuals.

Visit the various ways KISS is immortalized in the following sections of this fanpage. There are various rooms that you can enter for rockin KISS fanfiction, now grouped by members.
New Stories:

New Stories posted in the last month

The Originals:

Starbearer's Realm The Starchild's story page! (by various authors, includes Great Expectations, an ongoing Paul romance novel)
The Beast King's Lair A selection of wild tales of the Catman(by various authors)
The Demon's Dungeon Spicy stories of the Demon (by various authors, includes Distant Star, the ongoing saga of Gene and science fiction author Terri Mason)
Celestial's Space Station Out of this world adventures of the Spaceman (by various authors)
The KISS Arena The forum for stories starring other band members and all members of KISS (by various authors)

Fanfiction including all member of KISS, past and present

Updated! a SF/Fantasy KISS saga by Trynia MerinUPDATED!
A look at KISS from the beginning, through the eyes of a growing chick rock band, Sweet Revenge. Note that this is not meant to infringe upon the album Sweet Revenge by the Bangs, an up and coming new group.
UPDATED with NEW PARTS! Meet Elliot, Jeannie, Tyler and Mona as they struggle to make it in the wake of KISS's popularity. It's an AU to KISS Next Generation!
Raven's KISS story page ! A Wildcat/KISS saga with an action/adventure flare! by Raven!
Miscellanious Fanfic Non KISS fanfiction, but still fun: Stories that don't fit into the categories on my Temporal Journeys page. Updated 10/02/03

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Fan Gallery, What KISS means to themTemporarily closed due to repairs!

Images gallery: KISS related artwork

Visit Geneaholics Anonymous, the conference room for Gene addicts!

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